V&G Security Solutions Services

All of our services are delivered with the utmost professionalism. We are proud of our ability to create amazing bespoke packages and security services to help with any type of situation or occasion. For more information please scroll down to view our services which include Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response, Event planning, Lockup and Unlocks and Keyholding. Iif you require any more information please feel free to get in contact with us TODAY.

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Mobile Patrol External

V&G Security Solutions Provide exceptional patrol services.

With the ability to move around and monitor various areas and provide services such as internal and external patrols, open-air security, and operating our mobile patrol vehicles, our mobile patrols can deliver security that goes beyond a fixed location.

At V&G Security Solutions, we recognise the visibility is paramount, so we will provide fully uniformed mobile security guards and marked patrol vehicles, and we can provide highly visible boards at entrances and exit points if required.

Acting as an effective visual deterrent, our patrols significantly reduce the opportunity for crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, and theft.

Our security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations, so if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur you can guarantee a rapid and effective response.

Internal building schematic

Mobile Patrol Internal

V&G Security Solutions can also provide internal mobile patrols, the mobile security supervisor will be permitted to enter your premises with a set of keys provided in order to patrol your building as well as its external perimeter.

Ensuring all fixtures including windows and doors are locked to deter crime for complete peace of mind once you have left work for the day

Every Security Professional is first aid trained, with knowledge in health and safety procedures.

Risk assessments will be conducted to identify which security solutions are the most effective for your premises.


Alarm Response

If you are already a customer and have an alarm system in place, then V&G Security Solutions can merge this service with your existing Mobile Patrol and accept the responsibility of being your alarm response providers, liaising with your alarm company we will be able to provide a licensed security officer to attend your premises for you in the event of an alarm being triggered.


 This will enable you to have all of your security services under one roof and will make it a lot simpler when it comes to proving police reports if it turns out that an incident has taken place at your property, on top of this if any perpetrators are still on your premises then our guards are licensed to take action if needed. 

Get in touch today and one of our consultants can begin to streamline your security measures for you helping to keep your business as safe as possible. 

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V&G Security Solutions provide a 24-hour key holding service. We can deploy a member of our mobile response team to alarm activations 24/7.

We endeavor to prove a "Rapid Response" key holding service. Clients keys are coded, security sealed, and secured within our Control Centre Safes. They are only issued out to our response team for alarm activations.

Our security officers attend site, assess the situation, report all incidents and fill out all the relevant paperwork. Our security supervisors monitor all incidents and relay all information to our dedicates 24hr control room.

We can arrange a FREE consultation with one of our experienced security solution consultants and draft up a fully managed, integrated service. Initial client meetings help to establish exact requirements and then a service level agreement is constructed which details specifics of the operation.

Tall Building

Manned Guarding

V&G Security Solutions provide a high quality static guarding service.

We have professionally trained, unrivaled, security professionals that can be deployed on site, our Operations team would carefully select personnel according to the project requirements, and site specific training is given prior to the commencement of any project. All of our Professionals are SIA trained and go through a thorough vetting procedure.

 Some of the duties our static professionals carry out on site include:

  • Regularly patrol the perimeter at specific intervals.

  • A patrol log would be kept and a handover signature would be taken from site management at the start and end of every shift.

  • All incidents, sightings, suspicious behavior would be reported to site management and the security professional would liaise with the appropriate emergency services in case of any incidents.

  • All our security professionals would be appropriately uniformed and would be of smart attire.

  • Control and monitor the movements of all vehicles, personnel, and non-personnel to and from the site.

  • Diligently apply their training to ensure that all materials/property and the premises are secured.

  • Usually operate from a gatehouse and often in conjunction with mobile patrols.

  • Wear High Visibility vests and be immediately identifiable as persons of authority.

  • If required, our professionals can carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel as a deterrent against theft.

  • Such searches will always be carried out in a courteous and efficient manner.

  • The security professional will maintain log books in order to monitor all site activities.

  • Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.

Night Event
  • Weddings.

  • Corporate events.

  • Festival and Concerts.

  • Charities.

  • Parties,

  • Sporting Events.


V&G Security Solutions is a trusted supplier of show and event security across the UK.

We understand that your security needs are as individual as the event itself and therefore promise to deliver a bespoke security solution, no matter the size or the nature of the occasion.

We cover a wide range of event settings whatever your needs may be:

Our SIA-licensed professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure any event runs smoothly and everybody is kept safe, from front-of-house security and mobile patrols to crowd control and emergency planning.

Whether you require security professionals to guard the entrance to your wedding venue, mobile patrols to monitor a large festival arena, or security professionals to carry our crown control, ticket management, or risk assessments, we've got you covered.

Each of our security professionals are SIA licensed and trained to the highest standards. As the premier choice for the event security in the UK, you can rest assured that your event runs smoothly, successfully and is hassle-free.

As a leading supplier of event security professionals across the UK, V&G Security Solutions understands the crucial role that safekeeping guests, performers and staff has in the success of any event large or small.

Whether your security requirements are for a one-off local event or a huge annual festival, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Call V&G Security Solutions today for a free no obligation quote and allow us to assist you with your special day.


Lock-ups and Unlocks

V&G Security Solutions provide reliable Locking / Unlocking services.

In a business world where demands on workers are ever-increasing, the need to start work earlier in the morning and work later at night is ever present in order to meet deadlines.


In many circumstances, members of staff are asked to open-up and lock-up business premises often at vulnerable hours. V&G Security Solutions have fully trained and uniformed patrol professionals on hand to open-up, lock-up, set, and unset your alarm systems.

This flexible and cost efficient service can be tailor made to each client's specific requirements and it is available round the clock.

Scheduled lockup/unlock

This is a service where a property is unlocked and locked up at a scheduled time and in a mutually agreed manner.


It is particularly useful for smaller companies who are not able to have a dedicated person themselves to unlock and lock up the building at each end of the day.

On demand Lockup / Unlock

V&G Security Solutions offers on demand lock-ups and unlocking services to its clients. Our services are cost effective and useful for companies that prefer to have there keys held securely but have staff who needs to gain access or to leave the building at irregular times or need access for meetings etc.