Lock-ups and Unlocks

All of our services are tailored to you and your needs. We understand not every client is the same. Have a read-through of what we offer and how it can benefit you.



V&G Security Solutions provide reliable Locking / Unlocking services.

In a business world where demands on workers are ever-increasing, the need to start work earlier in the morning and work later at night is ever present in order to meet deadlines.

In many circumstances, members of staff are asked to open-up and lock-up business premises often at vulnerable hours. V&G Security Solutions have fully trained and uniformed patrol professionals on hand to open-up, lock-up, set, and unset your alarm systems.

This flexible and cost efficient service can be tailor made to each client's specific requirements and it is available round the clock.

Scheduled lockup/unlock

This is a service where a property is unlocked and locked up at a scheduled time and in a mutually agreed manner.

It is particularly useful for smaller companies who are not able to have a dedicated person themselves to unlock and lock up the building at each end of the day.

On demand Lockup / Unlock

V&G Security Solutions offers on demand lock-ups and unlocking services to its clients. Our services are cost effective and useful for companies that prefer to have there keys held securely but have staff who needs to gain access or to leave the building at irregular times or need access for meetings etc.