V&G Security Solutions LTD Would like to introduce the Site Safe Initiative


Site Safe Initiative

As of January 2019 V&G Security Solutions Ltd. began their “Site Safe Initiative.” This project has been implemented to assist in the reduction of the risks imposed on businesses due to criminal activity in our local areas and also to give businesses, their staff, and local residents a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

Our first step towards our ultimate goal with Site Safe began by conducting individual preliminary risk assessments of local companies, twinned with area specific crime statistics in order to identify commercial properties and businesses that would benefit from our programme, after which we used our extensive knowledge of the security arena to create strategies aimed directly at increasing the quality of service and benefits for our customers, from there we began to actively increase awareness of our initiative through our marketing department.


As awareness increases, changes are implemented and momentum is gained, as we foresaw, all businesses involved have already begun to experience and will continue to witness positive changes in their site safety, staff attitudes and overall productivity.

The effects felt by our services do not just end with the customer, it is a known fact that the presence of a security operative in one location has a direct positive effect on the immediate vicinity, so in this way not only will your business and staff feel at ease knowing that they have the protection of a trained and licensed professional but the surrounding community will also benefit.

Displaying your “Site Safe” certificate will enable you to proudly show that your company is taking an active role in making a difference in your local area.

V&G Security Solutions Ltd. is the first in our field to move forward in this active approach of security, business, and community synergy with the aim of creating not only a safer happier and more productive working environment for our clients but a safer environment in whole for all.